medieval terminology I wish I could put into use

I am reading Le Morte D’Arthur for a book report in my history class which of course means I need a dictionary of medieval terminology. This is, of course just as interesting as the book itself. Some of the terms I can’t even imagine needed to use, like Nowed for example, which means Knotted; often applied to snakes or the tails of beasts when tied in a knot.  WHY WOULD YOU NEED TO TIE A BEAST’S  TAIL IN A KNOT? Here are a few more I found highly amusing:

Gorged – Used of an animal wearing a collar, which may be a plain collar or also a wreath or a crown. The unicorn of Scotland is gorged with a crown.

Jamb – The leg of a beast.

Regaurdant – Used of a creature looking back over its shoulder.

Love-day (Dies amoris) – Opportunity given litigants to reconcile differences.


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