Today I am in Mississippi, yesterday I was in Los Angeles County. Big difference I know. I was also in Salt Lake City and Memphis if you count layovers. But I don’t. That’s cheating.

I have come to Mississippi to look after my grandmother for two weeks while my dad and stepmom are moving to Jackson. Basically I am the only one who is available and I was glad to do it. My plane flights were okay ( I had three) except for the four-hour one. No, it was not because it was extremely long, it was because there were two toddlers that felt it was okay to scream the whole time, and the two sets of parents who by the end of the flight everyone hated, thought it was okay to act like they didn’t exist. I know, they’re babies, but when I flew when I was a baby, I did not cry. The lady beside me found an old boarding pass to my seat and told me it was mine I said that it belonged to the person before me, so she put it in her magazine space, when I went to the bathroom she snuck it in mine in-between my books. Tricky lady. Also there was some pretty extreme turbulent winds which I thought was fun (like a rollercoaster in the air) but the rest of the people did not share the same opinion. The general mood was gloomy. Then I spilt water all over my crotch. Go me.

Today I got up at .7:00 am, which is 5:00am in California, which is not okay. I got up that early so I could drink coffee, function somewhat normally and have the bacon cooked on time. I’m scared of cooking bacon, I have a reputation of burning it in places while other parts are still completely raw. Mom once showed me the trick to cooking it. Cook it slow, and the fat has to soften. The latter part weirds me out. But it works.

I then went to take the dog out, a dog the size of a Golden Retriever. It was raining and thundering, and needless to say, we did not go out. She disappeared for an hour then it stopped raining. I found her hiding between the toilet and the bathtub. The only way I could get her to move is by putting her leash on then play an intense game of tug-a-war until we got to the lawn. It’s raining again and her hed is under my bed, the rest of her wont fit. It’s rather cute.

That’s pretty much it for now.