Coming and Going

I have concluded that people die when you are in college. My grandaddy died when my older sister, Claire, was in her second year of college. My Grandmother got sick my third semester and now as I enter my 4th, my step-grandmother has cancer.  Maybe when something new blossoms, (your new-found college intelligence) something has to die.  Maybe at the first sign of growing up God thinks we don’t need those stable solid adults anymore. Maybe life wants to be one of those heartfelt cliché stories where the young girl goes through a drastic family tragedy then comes out bright, shiny and knowing just what to do with her life. You can buy this story for ten dollars at your local bookstore.

On a more concerned note, I am worried about my stepmother who is undoubtedly going through some major emotional, for lack of a better word, stuff.

AND…on a happier note, my grandmother is doing better, she is walking around and will be able to travel soon.



I have been itching to write all summer.  While I have plenty of thoughts and ideas mulling around in my head I am lacking the right space to write.  Although I have traveled this passed month, I still haven’t had a place to do it, I have been busy being with people and hadn’t had time to myself. I have been dreaming of a place solitude that I can let my thoughts flow freely on to paper without worrying about judgement.  Also with some kind of non-impressionable inspiration. A cat would be nice too.

Here are some pictures of  places I found on the internet I thought would be nice writing places (and a few cats):