Totally Surprised

I just recently joined spotify after seeing my sisters using it during Christmas. I didn’t realize it would be so cool, you find just about ANY song you want to listen to. Anyway, like a true Harry Potter nerd I decided to look up Daniel Radcliffe on it since I heard he was in How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying. I clicked on the song Brotherhood. My first thoughts were “Why are they using an old recording ?” I did not think it was Daniel Radcliffe singing,…or talking. So I decided to go to Youtube to find out what he really sounded like, and it turns out that it was him. My mind was blown. I’m personally really impressed at how hard Daniel is trying to become a professional actor and not just resorting to media and reality TV for continued “success”. It is refreshing to see actors my age considering acting as an art and not a way to become/stay famous.