Sometimes Tumblr pisses me off

I just saw a post. You know one of those pictures of a quote on Tumblr  You the kind that’s supposed to be meaningful and romantic and give people self worth. Well I just saw a quote and it said ” The girls that are worth kissing aren’t easily kissed.”.

This did not make me feel empowered.

This did not make me feel special.

This did not make me feel good for not fucking around.

This made me feel like there was yet another idealism that women are supposed to live up to.I do not need idealism thrown in my face at 9;30 in the morning thank you very much.

I’m basically being told that in order for me to be somebody worth kissing, I must lock it all up? And how am I supposed to make it hard for a man to kiss me. It’s easy to  kiss someone, once you get over the fear of it. I might as well put a medieval punishment mask on my face. That will make it difficult to kiss me. Or should I super glue my lips together? That might help.

And, then, the ultimate question: What about practice? Do you ladies remember your first kiss? I think my point was just made


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