I think I would like to snog you

Every time I see a Harrison Ford movie, I end up wanting to make out with someone. Not just anyone-but someone I don’t know, like Harrison Ford.

Movies can be so inspiring right? (there’s a hint of sarcasm in that)

How is it that a kiss can look so good in a movie but can feel so un-magical in real life? Why are certain men more charming on-screen?

Maybe I’m not kissing the right guys? Maybe I need my own movie director for my love life?

Here are the top three actors/characters who I think I’d really enjoy a good kiss with. I think you’d agree.

1. Harrison Ford. From Han Solo to that sexy police man who protects that Amish Girl (Witness). He looks intense. He looks Passionate. I want some of that.  Helen Mirren apparently Disagrees (You can read about that here http://gawker.com/5019723/top-ten-worst-kissers-in-hollywood-from-the-icky-to-the-sweaty-to-tongues-that-taste-like-kitty-litter)

Hello there:

Photo taken from pjmedia.com

Yes Please:


Photo taken from sheknows.com

2. Matthew Perry-but ONLY as Chandler. Chandler does it for me. I am not sure that Matthew Perry does.


Photo from wikia.com


Photo from www.distars.ru 

3. Alan Rickman

Last but certainly not least.

I know, he’s “old”. I know he’s Snape (but that’s kind of cool don’t you think?) Come on though, guys, he’s sexy. He kisses with intention plus he can dance and he has that cool accent.

Watch the video. I dare you to disagree.