Doing something kind of crazy

So I’m starting a juice cleanse. Like a real full-on three day cleanse. I’ve been pretty bloated and yucky feeling recently, and even though I’ve cut out gluten and have been eating my vegetables  things aren’t getting better as fast as I want them to. I’m not sure if it’s going to work, but at least I’ll be getting a lot of nutrients right? Plus it’s getting near bikini season so it wont hurt. This blog will serve as my “journal” of sorts. I can’t promise that I wont be cranky or maybe even a little delusional.


New adventures in juicing

So yesterday I started juicing. Not a juicing cleanse–I can’t handle that many nutrients going into my body at once. My body would go in shock from all the alien substances. Since we didn’t have a lot of produce in the house (I did my grocery shopping today) I made do with what I had. I think I did pretty good. I made a concoction out of 2 apples, 5 celery stalks, four romaine lettuce leaves, 1 grapefruit and lots and lots of agave. Within 20 minutes of drinking said concoctions I went kind of crazy, and what I assume was immediate detoxing. As I was talking about everything that was going through my mind my sister looked at me and said “Meredith you are acting like you are on drugs” and threw fun sized candy-bars at me. I ate about five. But then I did an hour of Zumba, so I think it evened out. Today after a joyful trip to Trader Joe’s and some online research  I decided to do some recipes from Blueprint Cleanse ( that I found on Design Sponge ( I tried the greens with apple juice because I hope that the spinach will make me strong like Popeye and the kale will make me skinny like Gwyneth Paltrow, I made it with ginger and apples (green and gala) and of course, lots and lots of agave. I’m drinking it over ice right now and it’s pretty tasty; the ginger adds a punch.

Here is some advice that I’ve already come up with in my new relationship with  juicing:

  •  Cut everything into small pieces before juicing (it makes for less clogging, which is a bitch to clean up)
  • Rotate solid and high water produce as you put it into the juicer (again, less clogging)
  • Things taste better iced. Or more like, some things you taste less when iced. You know what I’m talking about.
  • Scrape the foam off before you drink. Because foam looks yucky and is discouraging.

That’s it for now! Hopefully there will be no need for chocolate this evening.