My Own Battle With Self-Confidence

I need to talk about something that is very personal to me. I think it’s important that people read this and at least think about it. 

It all started with Ashton Kutcher’s speech at the MTV movie awards, where he talked about jobs, being sexy and building a life. After I watched that video, not only did I have a new found respect for the man but I re-realized some things. Watch it here if you haven’t :

This made me think of what I value in a human being and more specifically, what I value about myself. I have spent years figuring out what self-worth means and I feel like it’s time to be honest about it.

I have had a uphill battle with self esteem for many years. There have been nights when I laid awake crying, doubting my value as a human being and as a woman.  It has gotten better through some counseling that I received at my church. but it still gets to me. I have tortured myself over the fact that my eyes cross, or that I’m not a size two. I have literally withheld myself from doing things because I didn’t feel like I was good enough. I wouldn’t do my hair, because I didn’t see the point when I didn’t think my body was up to par.  I wouldn’t write, because I was afraid someone would make fun of my grammar and think I was stupid. I was ashamed that I didn’t obtain my diploma until I was 22. I didn’t have a proper high school education and I had to really work to get where I am today. I finally realized just recently that, that is something I should be proud of.

I know that’s crazy and I have since worked my way out of that horrible, untrue, mindset.

I’d never want anyone to go through that the emotional instability that I have, even though I know many people have gone through much worse. This is why is it so frustrating and angering when people point out the negatives in other people. Last semester, I had a fellow classmate tell me that I was big boned. She also told me that I had a “hidden penis” because I like fly fishing and shooting guns with my dad.  I also had people ask me why I haven’t gotten my eyes fixed (I can’t). One guy told me I was repulsive because my boobs are big.

I know that I’m not the only one who has bullied. Because that’s what it is, bullying. These things can seriously damage a person’s view on themselves. And though I want to say shame on the haters, really it’s shame on me for listening to the haters.

It is our responsibility to surround ourselves with positive people. I have spent years trying to make myself into what I thought was good enough for people. The point is, is that people are going to have good and bad opinions. Also,  people are going to have the opinions that they want to have.  When that girl told me last semester that I was big-boned, something clicked. At a size four, I wasn’t about to let myself think that I was big. I had come a long enough way through my own personal issues to know that, that was not true.  It still hurt though. I still felt bad after she said that to me.  That’s when I really realized that it’s my responsibility to maintain my own self-worth and  self-confidence.  Since then, I have worked at surrounding myself with only positive people, and when I can’t do that, I just use polite manners with the bad-mannered people. I don’t think about what they think of me. I don’t let myself wonder. It takes a lot of self-discipline but when I let those people’s back handed comments or their opinions even slip into my mind I’m validating their effort to degrade other human being.  It’s a philosophy that is so simple, yet it’s one that took me over ten years to learn.

I think we need to take it a step further though, I think people, including myself, should make it our responsibility to put other people in positive environments. I would never want to be the person that made another person feel less than what they really are; most people are really nice, and really great, and we should never want them to feel less than that. Similarly,  I work to not get jealous of other people. We all have things that other people want, and we all have baggage. Admire what people have, and help them with their baggage. As Ashton Kutcher said, Be kind, be generous.  


I think I would like to snog you

Every time I see a Harrison Ford movie, I end up wanting to make out with someone. Not just anyone-but someone I don’t know, like Harrison Ford.

Movies can be so inspiring right? (there’s a hint of sarcasm in that)

How is it that a kiss can look so good in a movie but can feel so un-magical in real life? Why are certain men more charming on-screen?

Maybe I’m not kissing the right guys? Maybe I need my own movie director for my love life?

Here are the top three actors/characters who I think I’d really enjoy a good kiss with. I think you’d agree.

1. Harrison Ford. From Han Solo to that sexy police man who protects that Amish Girl (Witness). He looks intense. He looks Passionate. I want some of that.  Helen Mirren apparently Disagrees (You can read about that here

Hello there:

Photo taken from

Yes Please:


Photo taken from

2. Matthew Perry-but ONLY as Chandler. Chandler does it for me. I am not sure that Matthew Perry does.


Photo from


Photo from 

3. Alan Rickman

Last but certainly not least.

I know, he’s “old”. I know he’s Snape (but that’s kind of cool don’t you think?) Come on though, guys, he’s sexy. He kisses with intention plus he can dance and he has that cool accent.

Watch the video. I dare you to disagree.

Letter to my 18-year-old self

My sister wanted me to do a letter to my 18-year-old self. She wrote one for herself on Facebook but I’m writing mine on here because long posts on Facebook make me awkward.

Dear 18-year-old self,

This is going to be the crappiest year of your life.

Don’t worry, you’ll pull through it.

You will have your first boyfriend. Don’t take what he says so seriously, Just because he says you should do something, doesn’t mean that it is true. It’s his opinion and it’s just that, an opinion. .. He’s has some really bad opinions.

Your body is a wonderland. Treat it with respect. Eat something. Don’t look to fix your flaws. You actually have very few flaws and you will find over the years that your body is very celebrated.

While we’re on the subject, you should dump people who don’t celebrate your body.

Don’t stop eating. Eat a sandwich. Eat some ice cream. Eat something and on a regular basis.

Your stepfather has no reason to treat you like that, you’re right, they’re wrong. There is no grey area in this.  In a few years you will be free of all of this and will finally be able to get through to your mother and really open up about your feelings. One day she will hear you.

You’re figuring out how to stick for yourself and show your real personality, but in order to do that you need to let yourself be you. You’ve got the spunk,  just work on where you’re coming from.

You’re getting really tired of being called “sweet” and “nice” these are actually good things.

Don’t wear tight shorts to Disneyland.

You’re going to cut all your hair off. People are going to be mean. Your sister is going to tell you that you look like a dike and the Flock of Seagulls lead singer. But you did it for a cause, and you look just fine.

If you can lean over and your underwear shows, it is too short, similarly, if you can see more than two inches of cleavage without leaning over, your shirt is too low.

Showing off your boobs is not the answer. Camisoles are not tank tops! You’re more than a body and you deserve someone who wants more than a body.

Do what you think is right.

Don’t let people bully you for not having sex. Ignore the people who tease you for still being a virgin.  Your integrity pays off in the future.

Lastly,  Don’t worry, you’ll get your diploma, you’ll be in a play, you’ll live on your own. You get to experience everything you ever wanted to and more. You just have to make it happen. Also, be happy. Just enjoy life.

Doing something kind of crazy

So I’m starting a juice cleanse. Like a real full-on three day cleanse. I’ve been pretty bloated and yucky feeling recently, and even though I’ve cut out gluten and have been eating my vegetables  things aren’t getting better as fast as I want them to. I’m not sure if it’s going to work, but at least I’ll be getting a lot of nutrients right? Plus it’s getting near bikini season so it wont hurt. This blog will serve as my “journal” of sorts. I can’t promise that I wont be cranky or maybe even a little delusional.